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The Best of Broadway Summer 2017

July 10-14      August 7-11

 The Best of Broadway Dance Camp Weeks…
A great opportunity to learn Broadway stlye choreography for both children and adults!

Directed by professional choreographer Debra J Lombard

Children will learn choreography to several (approx. 6) popular Broadway show tunes from the “Best of Broadway” production.  They also learn stage directions, how to costume themselves and use props. It is a great opportunity for children to have a great time, make friends, and learn professional dance choreography.

FMI contact Deb Lombard at deb@itshowtimefolks.com
9:00 – 9:45  Children ages 6 and up thru adults warm up class. Open to all dance levels. 9:45 – 11:00  Children ages 6 and up learn choreography to several popular Broadway show tunes from the “Best of Broadway” production.  Open to all dance levels.
11:00 – 12:00  Intermediate/advanced class for kids 12 and up.  Must have an intermediate dance level.  Learn and perform a more advanced style of Broadway choreography. 

In her own words ….
Céline Jacques (Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada).

"During my 2006 summer vacation in Ocean Park Maine, my attention was caught by a "Morning Dance Class Camp" add.  These classes were to be offered during five days.  As a dancer (some twenty years ago) and a Pilates instructor, I was tempted by a morning workout based on a dance class.  A friend accompanied me who has never EVER danced before.  All I can say is that we were both "hooked" right from the start, and we went faithfully for the rest of the week!  We even participated in the final "show" on the last day of camp! We watched how Deb Lombard leads everybody of all ages, from little kids to more experienced dancers, with her highly motivating style, her clear and easy instructions, into really fun choreographies set on a great selection of different music styles.  And my friend, who had never ever danced before, is set to repeat the experience again this coming summer!  So come and take a look... listen...let the rhythm get to you... and come and try a the greatest way to start the day!"

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