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[Dance Company Basic Information]
  • Rehearsals run Wednesdays, Nov through June, added rehearsals close to show dates
  • $300 per year tuition
  • All costumes included in fee with the exclusion of personal garments such as basic blacks, body wear, tights and shoes.
  • All dancers have the opportunity to perform in anywhere from 7 – 14+ numbers in the show.  That’s a lot of stage time!
  • We are a family, working in a non-competitive, positive, friendly environment.  Respect and commitment to our Company, our dancers, our faculty, our stage crew, and our costumes is a must.  Behavior to the contrary will not be tolerated.
  • Rehearsal times (approximate) – may vary slightly dependant on which numbers are being rehearsed.      
                5:00 to 6:00 Youngest group (up to 8th grade)
                6:00 to 6:30 High School
                6:30 to 8:00 High School and Adults
  • Best of Broadway Production in Saco ME– Saturday, July 11,09 and Saturday August 15, 09
  • First Parish Church, corner of Main and Beach St., Saco, ME.
  • Wednesday rehearsals are at the First Parish Church, corner of Main and Beach St., Saco, ME.
  • Sometimes we are asked to perform elsewhere during the year

  • FMI: deb@itshowtimefolks.com
[In their own words]

Dave Bedell – Sound Man
"The dance company provides an opportunity for people of any age to learn the technique, movements, and skills necessary to demonstrate the beauty, grace, and art of dance.  Whether you are a novice or advanced dancer, interested in improving your technical proficiency or further developing your love of the art, the Dance Company has a place for you."

Lori Jo – Dance Captain
"The dance company is a family type environment, where dancers from the ages of 6 and up can come and have fun - it's a dance company where one can build on their self-confidence/self esteem and feel like they are part of a professional Broadway show!  The dance company is a show that travels...we'll come to you, contact Deb Lombard about having us perform for you at your function."

Celeste Crowley – Founding Member/Costumes
"The Dance Company is a pleasant alternative to dance schools and competition dance teams. We don't take ourselves too seriously.  There isn't a lot of pressure but there is lots of fun. It's not working out working out but it's a great workout.  It's learning dance steps as part of a Broadway number.  Each week you feel like your building to something that resembles entertainment that you watch on TV or pay to go see.  It's not at the same level but we look good.  No one thinks they're going to become professionals.  OK some will, but they don't act like they think they're great.  Everyone is part of the group.  It is not about the individual.  If someone is featured it is or the good of the show, not for the sake of spotlighting the individual.  The year starts off with a specific plan but adjustments are made as needs occur.  This helps keep everyone flexible."

Dave Howe – Audience Member/Proud Grandpa
"Deb Lombard is a young woman (grandmother too!) with a passion for dance - the delight it brings to spectators and participants, the fitness it promotes in the discipline, the satisfaction it brings to dancers who learn to use their body movements creatively, the smiles it brings out of the audience, the joy of dancers who "made it to Broadway."   Deb Lombard's dance company is vitality, movement, creativity and joy."

Kim LeClair - Performer
"Dance Company is a group of FRIENDS that come together once a week to do what they love, weather their good at it or no. These people come together to dance, act, and sing all in one. They all enjoy performing and love to work with others."

Tammy Desjardin – Parent/Volunter
The Dance Company to me is? It’s Fun and entertaining, and very well done. It’s a professional group of talented dancers looking to please its audience. t's laughter, humor, and seriousness, incredible, all wrapped up in one. The highlight is the smiles on the Dancers' faces as they perform.


Katie Jane Arsenault
Dance Captain/Choreographer
The Dance Company and "Best of Broadway"

Katie’s “show biz” career started at the very young age of 19 months when she became the “Kate’s Butter” girl.  Since that time she has been involved with everything from dance schools to a starring role in the film “Haunted” to TV “Rescue 911” to commercials and print work to musical theater roles in Music Man, Carousel, The Wiz, Oliver and most recently, her professional debut in the NE tour of “8 Track-Sounds of the Seventies”. Katie has been a member of The Dance Company and Best of Broadway since it’s beginning and has shared the job of dance captain with Lori Jo since her high school days.  She has choreographed several numbers including Cats and one of our favorites from Bring in da Noise Bring in da Funk. Her enthusiasm, stage presence, dance knowledge, professionalism and commitment to everything she does are a tremendous asset to all of us.  Kate is a research specialist with Cardiovascular Consultants of Maine located in Scarborough.

Lori Jo Labrecque
Dance Captain/Choreographer
The Dance Company and “Best of Broadway”

Lori has been an active member in the Best of Broadway for many years and has been dancing since the age of 4.  During her years with the dance company she has helped choreograph the “Urban Cowboy” number, which is a high-energy number that is loved by all.

Aside from dancing, Lori has been twirling since the age of 3 and has been teaching since 1990 with the Saco Jets.  She and her husband Dave have been married for 11 years.  Dave is also involved with the Best of Broadway show as part of the backstage crew. The LaBrecque’s reside in Saco with their 8-year-old son named Camden, who also started dancing with the company since the age of 5.

[Dance Company Resume]

2007 Ocean Park Public Performances
2009 South Ridge Nursing Home
2009 The Pines Retirement Community
2008 The Pines Retirement Community
2008 Ocean Park Public Performances
2008 South Ridge Nursing Home
2007 Notre Dame School Show
2007 St James School Show
2006 Ocean Park Public Performances
2005 Ocean Park Public Performances
2004 Ocean Park Public Performances
2003 Ocean Park Public Performances
2003 Thornton Academy Public Performance
2002 Ocean Park Public Performances
2001 Thornton Academy Public Performance
2000 Thornton Academy Public Performance
2000 CK Burns School
1999 Thornton Academy Public Performance
1999 Saco Sidewalk Art Festival
1998 City Theater Public Performances
1997 City Theater Public Performance
1997 St James School
1997 OOB Loranger School
1997 Fairfield School
1997 Catherine McAuley High School
1997 Biddeford Middle School
1997 Little Horizons Nursery School
1996 City Theater Public Performance
1996 St James School
1996 Saco Grange
1996 Teen Talent Challenge Portland
1995 City Theater Public Performance
1995 St James School
1995 Biddeford Middle School
1995 Truly Talent Kids
1995 York Hospital
1995 St Mary’s Fair
1995 Kennebunkport Arts
1994 City Theater Public Performance
1994 St James School
1994 Kennedy School
1994 Truly Talented Kids
1994 Maine Summer Olympics
1994 Saco Grange
1994 Saco Middle School
1994 Sanford Schools
1994 Maine Special Olympics
1994 North Berwick Schools
1994 Little Horizons Nursery School
1993 Premiere City Theater Public Performance
1993 Sanford Schools





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